Fashion Forward French Style at IFCHIC

Founded by Yasmin Sewell, JemmaDyas, and Kyle Robinson Etre Cecile is a unique expression of ready-to-wear French style presented in a variety of forms, from hip luxury graphic t-shirts to more formal dress and evening wear. The cornerstone of any chic girls closet, this is one designer to keep your eye on in 2016 and beyond.

IFCHIC is a boutique shopping experience for diverse and ever evolving modern women. With a truly unique collection of hand selected designer pieces proudly carries a wide variety designer wear for all occasions, from casual around town pieces to eye catching dinner party garments, IFCHIC is a natural home for shopping Etre Cecile’s contemporary look and often lighthearted styling.


Whether your look is more downtown hipster trendy or uptown formal both IFCHIC and Etre Cecile have a look to match your personal flavor of the month. From quirky sweatshirt designs to poolside summer tops and bottoms Etre Cecile never disappoints.

IFCHIC’s collections are similar in that the brand carries a wide selection of designs to not only suit any occasion but any type of woman, whether she’s just starting out a solo career or if she’s a busy working mother with children, there is not reason not to dress your best and enjoy the freedom of dressing to the occasion.

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Many famous women of Hollywood epitomize the style that IFCHIC brings to the world of online designer shopping. Women are ever evolving and changing now more than ever and they want a brand that they can depend upon to provide fresh looks at every stage of their personal and professional lives.

There is no longer any need to jump between favorite website and other retailers to find a look that matches your stage in life; IFCHIC has all the bases covered and then some.

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