Fall Fashion Trend: It’s All About the Dress

If you expect fall fashion trends to focus on covering up all of your hard-fought summer tan, it is time to think again. There is a definite place for dresses in fall fashion, and the 2016 New York Fashion Week highlighted them all. When paired with the right accessories and light cover-ups, dresses can transition well into the new season. So, although jeans and sweaters are terrific choices for many autumn days, don’t forget about these hot looks in dresses for fall.

Ever Pretty

Construction Details

The fall fashion runway was full of garments showing off their construction, with seams sometimes held together with large laces, metal rings, or even leather straps. If the hemlines of the past were hidden and tidy, this year they are large and fringed. Can’t imagine it? Picture a pencil skirt attached to the bodice with round black rings and a strip of bare skin in between.

Flowing Boho

Long, flowing dresses with voluminous skirts and exotic prints are not a summertime-only wardrobe staple. They do well in the fall, too, because they are just dressy enough for evenings out. Of course, you can dress them down as well with a casual shoe selection. Figure-flattering boho dresses come in a wide variety of styles, but they all make you feel as if you are surrounded by warm, comforting fabric.

Pumpkin Spice

This deep-orange hue has leaped off the coffee shop latte menu and onto the runway. Although it may not be your normal cup of tea, it looks great on many different skin tones and works on a wide variety of fall dress designs. In love with sweatshirt dresses? Yep, they look great in pumpkin spice with a black leather jacket and boots. Still sticking with your light, summer time tank dresses? Top one in dark, dark orange with a long, knitted black cardigan on an autumn day.

Tiered Skirts

The romance of multi-layered skirts from decades ago sees a resurgence in fall 2016, and they show up on dresses as well. The visual interest and movement provided by tiered layers take the glamour level up a notch while also providing texture and style in spades.

Butterfly Prints

Who doesn’t love a butterfly accent? The ethereal insect made an appearance with several designers during fashion week, from just a statement patch to all-over fabric patterns. This autumn at the boutique you will find plenty of butterfly fashion ready to go home with you.

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be all about heavy coats and muted colors. The trends of 2016 prove that autumn is the perfect time to step up you fashion game in a current and stylish way. So don’t be afraid to don your boho dress covered in butterflies and make a statement this fall.

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