Essential Hairdressing Equipment You Need in Your Salon

A hair salon could prove to be an excellent business venture, especially if you can manage it correctly. Hairdressing is an art, and if you feel that you are skilled enough to give good haircuts, it might be time to open up your own salon! However, running a hair salon is not as easy as it looks. There’s a business element attached to it, so it’s important to make your decisions carefully. If you have already rented a place in a commercial district, so the next step is to decorate and buy equipment so that you can get your salon up and running.

You will need a lot of different hairdressing equipment in order to give your customers a high-quality service. Hairdressing is all about making the experience worthy for the customer. If customers like their haircuts and enjoyed their time at the salon, they will be more than happy to come back for another haircut in the future! Here are just some of the essential things that you will need in your salon:

hairdressing equipment

Washing Chair

A washing chair has a sink attached at the back. The customer must lay back and rest their head on the wash sink so that the attendant can wash their hair and remove any shampoo or solution that may have been applied to it. You will need washing chairs in your salon, since many people often come for hair dyes and treatment options.

Hairdressing Chair

A hair dressing chair is basically set on a raised platform with an adjustable headrest. You can’t start a hairdressing salon unless you have proper chairs installed! You will ideally need at least 3-4 chairs in order to get started. As your customer base increases, you might even have to order more chairs and hire additional help.


You will need to install a workstation in front of the hairdressing chair. The workstation consists of a large mirror and a drawer that is full of different hair cutting tools. The workstation is crucial to efficient hair cutting, since it allows you to easily switch different tools as required. It also allows the customer to see how their new hairstyle will look.

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A work trolley might also be required. You can put all of your tools inside, ranging from scissors and trimming machines, to threads and various other hair cutting items. The trolley can be pushed from one workstation to another. Trolleys offer mobility and make it easy for you to work efficiently.

These are just some of the basic items that you will need in your hair salon. Many other items will be needed as well, such as drying equipment and massage chairs, to name a few. There are many places that sell equipment specifically designed for hair salons, so it’s best for you to request a quote and compare prices before making a purchase. Make sure that you stay within a specific budget in the beginning.

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