Essential clothing items for professional women

As a young professional business woman, you probably do not have any time to waste on picking out outfits for you work day. You need to be ready in just a few minutes in order to successfully start your day; plus, at work you need to look authoritative and serious, and these few clothing items will help you achieve this goal.


White Shirts

Simple white shirts are one of the most convenient and practical clothing items that go with just about anything. However, having only one type of white shirts will make you look dull, that is why you need to experiment a little and fill your closet with varieties of these shirts. Have several different materials, such as cotton, cashmere, silk and even linen and combine them with your suits, blazers, pants and you can even wear them casually when necessary. Also, experiment a little with different lengths of sleeves, which can vary from full arm length to the length on the top of your shoulder. These short sleeve shirts you should always wear under a blazer or a suit, if your company has a strict dress code. If the dress code is a bit loose, you may choose some white shirts with different patterns, but be careful not to look tacky.


Work Dresses

Wearing suits and pants to work every day can become boring and it would be nice to get in touch with your feminine side. As dress codes can be strict, you need to be careful when choosing dresses for your work. Work dresses should be simple, nothing too flashy or puffy, they should be in simple gentle colours, and you have to be careful with the length. If your body type allows you, you can wear a tight office dress that goes down to your knees, pair it with stylish pair of pointy pumps and look professional and sexy at the same time. For winters, you can go with a gray dress with longer sleeves and pair it with bold red pumps and black tights. To brighten up your wardrobe you can buy tweed dresses of different cuts and colours, pair them with a nice jacket and be professional and classy. Your work dresses can come in many shapes and colors, as long as they are not showing too much of your body and the colours are not too flashy.



If pants suit your style better, you should make sure to have plenty of different types. Since they are comfortable and practical, you can wear them anywhere, to meetings, business lunches or during the regular day at work. Have different fabrics of pants at your hand, such as cotton, polyester or some other synthetic fabrics. If your job requires a lot of movement and spending long hours sitting at the same place, then you should opt for synthetic fabrics which are elegant but wrinkle-free. When it comes to choosing the right colours, it is the safest to go with black and navy blue work pants since these are easily combined with anything. Also, you may choose lighter colours such as beige or white to balance your outfits better.

These few items are some of the most essential ones every business woman should have. If you look professional and serious, nobody would dare stand in your way of success and long days at work will become simpler and easier.

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