Enhance your beauty with designer jewelry

Every woman loves to wear jewelry. One cannot imagine going out in party or function without it. It enhances the beauty of a girl. With so many different varieties available in the market it is very difficult to choose the right one. There is jewelry for every part of the body from earrings to anklets a wide variety is present. The different types of jewelry can be stone jewelry, kundan, gold, silver, antique, lace jewelry, bead jewelry etc.

When you decide to buy jewelry consider some important points like from where to buy because of the increasing frauds. Always buy your jewelry from a recognized shop. Before finalizing the designs try it on you to see how it looks. Every design does look good on every person. It should be selected according to the shape of the face, skin tone and the dress with which you will wear it. It will be very disappointing if your diamonds or gold jewelry loses its shine or a stone is lost from the ring. So, taking care of your jewelry is equally important to keep them brand new and with you for lifetime.

If you are looking forward to give jewelry as a birthday gift, you can consider getting the alexandrite earrings. Alexandrite is a birth stone for the ones born in June. The designs in earrings numerous and you can get one as per your desire or custom design it.


Taking care of jewelry

Pearl jewelry

Pearls are very sensitive and get scratched very easily. Pearls can easily lose their color because of perfumes, makeup and hairsprays, so wear them in the last. Wipe the pears with a damp cloth and keep them in an airtight container. Do not use baking soda or bleach to wash them and never use brush as it can put scratches. Do not store the pearl jewelry in plastic bags and avoid swimming if you are wearing pearls.

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry can be very easily destroyed so it needs care. You can use simple soap water to clean it and always wash it with warm water. After this, just wipe with a soft cloth. Keep the silver jewelry in zip locked bags or air tight containers. It should also be kept away from perfumes and hairsprays. Store it only when it is completely dry.

Gold jewelry

It is the most popular one. You can just clean them with lukewarm water and soft cloth. Keep the earrings and chains separately.


Diamonds can be cleaned by mixing some ammonia and water or you can get the washing solution from the jewelers. Always use a soft brush for cleaning.

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