Diamond Wedding Rings – Symbol of Love


The world’s renowned and unforgettable De Beers’ slogan “A diamond is forever” has many expressive meanings. However, it is not meant to only conclude that this queen of jewels has qualities to last a lifetime, yet more importantly, it exemplifies the very essence of what marriage and love should be; a commitment to last forever. Diamond wedding rings have been the favorite choice of many wedded couples for centuries, and their demand has grown significantly over the past few decades. Although, these rings have been usually worn by women in the past, nowadays they are becoming quite popular among men (especially grooms) as well. Diamond wedding rings add immense value and highlight the expression and symbolism of love, trust, devotion, and affection between a man and woman.

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The Evolution of Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding rings date back many centuries.Earliest versions were simple or engraved bronze, silver, copper, or gold rings. Although diamonds were discovered in 800 B.C., it was the 15th century when brides of the wealthy and royalty had the privilege and honor of wearing diamond wedding rings. In the18th century, the supply of diamonds increased significantly with the discovery of this gem in Brazil and then after some time in South Africa. Because of high supply and demand, jewelers developed their polishing and cutting skills and as a result, diamond wedding rings gained immense popularity from then on.

Choosing Diamond Wedding Rings

The major and obvious point to note is that diamond rings are relatively expensive as compared to other gem-studded rings. This also applies to diamond wedding rings for both men and women. The main reason behind this expensivenessis because the price of diamonds increases depending on their polishing, color, carat size, shape, and some cuts. Furthermore, the preferred choice of metal also plays its part. For example, diamond rings are offered in white gold, titanium, yellow gold and platinum, which is expensive.It is recommended to make sure that the diamond rings you buy carry certification to verifyitspuritybecause there are numerous cheap varieties available in the market which can be identified by their powdery and opaque appearance.

Plain vs. Colored Diamond Wedding Rings

Although in its basic form, a diamond is colorless and gives awhite shade, the demand for artificially and naturally colored diamonds has grown in popularity in the past few years.Of course naturally colored diamond rings are relatively expensive as opposed to artificially colored versions. You can choose the color of the diamond to match the metal of the ring. For instance, for a yellow gold ring, it would be more suitable to choose yellow diamonds, whereas platinum or white gold rings are best suited with a white diamond. As far as the shape is concerned, the most commonly used shape of a diamond wedding ring is round, however, rectangular, pear, heart, and square-shaped diamond rings are also popular.

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Diamond wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of eternal love between a groom and brideas their sparkle will continuously reflect the love till the end of time. After all, if a diamond is forever, this is exactly what love, devotion, trust, and affection should be. Visit our blog Jewelerlab.com to keep yourself updated with latest trends in jewelry.

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