Consider These Before Buying A Diamond Set For Yourself


Selecting a right diamond wear is not all easy and simple. Just like gold which has so many parameters on which you can decide the purity as well as quality of it, diamonds also have certain parameters that should be kept in the mind while selecting the diamond.

Things to decide on

First, of all decide the cut that you want in your diamond Phoenix which basically is the shape of diamond that you are looking for. There are so many shapes such as round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, marquise cut and so on. The list does not end here as you will get nearly 15 options to choose from when it comes to the shape. Make sure that you try the diamonds by wearing it before buying it. If you are buying diamond for the first time then it is always advised to get someone experienced along with you.


Make of diamond is another important aspect that should be kept under consideration before selecting the right kind of diamond. Make of the diamond is largely different for different diamonds and it is that one factor that determines how beautiful the diamond will look. As compared to the fancy diamonds, you will find that for round diamond there are set standards for cutting. Therefore, if you are going to select the round diamond then make sure that is cut in line with the set standards. There are various types of standards and certifications that should be checked before buying any particular type of diamond.


After cut and make, the next thing to decide on is the color of the diamond. There are various colors in the diamond and every shade defines the rarity and cost of the diamond. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive and rare diamonds that are hard to get and one should be ready to pay high price for this rare beauty. Then, there are E and F quality of diamonds which appear colorless to the eye and cost less than the colorless D diamond. Then there are diamonds which are almost colorless if you wear them with the gold and also can be bought at lesser price. These diamonds are generally of G, H and I category. You also have the option to choose from the J, K, L or M set of diamonds which carry a tinge of color and could slightly be visible if you place them next to the colorless ones or when you wear them in the platinum.

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