Colour – what do your outfits say about you?

When you’re planning an outfits, you are sure to want to make sure that you make a great first impression at all times. With this being the case you will need to consider the impression that you’re making on the people you meet. Colour can say so much about personality! There are some beautiful Italian designer clothes available on the market in a whole host of colours.By learning about what different colours can say about you, you can be sure that you’re making the impression that you’re aiming for when you invest in the best Italian fashion.



If this is a colour that you wear a lot in your outfit choices, then this could mean that you are outgoing and sociable, and that you always like to be around people whenever you have the chance. You may also like to have challenges in your life, and enjoy the effort of trying to overcome them. This can be both physical and social, and there is nothing that you like more than throwing yourself into a new group of friends and getting involved.


Blue is the colour of calm, and if you choose to wear this colour then you may be the type of person who likes to have peace and serenity at all times – and absolute order in everything that you do. You may find that you don’t like to be out of control, and that you would do anything to keep things as simple as possible whenever you can.


Wearing pink may mean that you like to feel loved and wanted – not only by your partner, but also by your family and friends, too. It is important to you that this love is very much forthcoming, and that you can rely on it whenever you go through difficult times.


Black is a very powerful colour, and if this is the colour that dominates your wardrobe then you may find that you enjoy being the person in control whenever you get that opportunity in your life. This is a key reason why black is such a popular colour for managers to wear – as it means that they can give exactly the right impression to anybody who they might come into contact with.


If you wear a lot of gold, then there is a high chance that you are a very charismatic character, and that you bring a lot of joy into people’s lives, as well as plenty of fun when they are around you. This is a vibrant colour, and your personality will shine through in everything that you do.

Fake it until you make it


If you want to change the way that you are seen by other people, then you could use this information to subtly change the colours that you wear – and you may find that people begin to treat you differently because of the way that you dress. With this being the case, you can be sure that your clothes really can give an impression about you – it is up to you to choose the impression that you would like to give at a certain event. Take this blue Fontana dress above, a perfect choice for looking cool and calm at any Summer event.

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