Choosing Comfortable Wedding Shoes

The last things you want on your wedding day are shoes that are uncomfortable. That being said, choosing just the right pair of shoes doesn’t have to be a time consuming or intimidating task.

There are many shoes that are appropriate for your wedding day but not all of them are comfortable. While some brides feel that shiny shoes with a hard surface are the fanciest, they are not the most practical choice in wedding shoes. You can find comfortable shoes that are still stylish.

When trying on shoes for your wedding you will want to look for soft shoes that have material that will stretch to conform to your feet. Open or rounded toe shoes are usually a better choice than pointy toed shoes. Since your wedding day will likely be a long one it is important to wear shoes that won’t make you feel crippled by the end of the day.

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Though you may feel pressured to wear high heeled shoes for your wedding there is no reason why you have to. If you are not accustomed to wearing high heels your wedding day is not the day to have them on your feet. Low heeled or even flat shoes can be just as flattering with a wedding dress as high heels. The thicker the heels on your shoes are the more comfortable they likely will be.

Ideally you should purchase a pair of shoes that are comfortable as soon as you put them on for the first time. However, if the shoes you have for your wedding day feel tight, wear them once or twice before the big day. This gives your feet time to adjust to the shoes, making you more comfortable on your wedding day.

Though, traditionally, you are supposed to wear the same pair of shoes all day long the day of your wedding, these days many brides are choosing to change into more comfortable shoes for their wedding reception. After waiting so long to dance with your new spouse you won’t want your feet to be so tired that you can’t dance. One way around this is to bring a pair of flat sandals or other comfortable shoes to change after the conclusion of the ceremony and before the start of the reception.

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If you are getting married outdoors, especially on the beach you might even choose outdoor friendly shoes to wear. Many brides that get married on the beach will wear a pair of white flip flops during the ceremony. If you plan to hand sparklers for weddings out to your guests for a send-off line on the beach, just make sure you have something to cover the tops of your feet and toes otherwise they may get minor burns.

The time of year that you get married during also determines what type of shoes will be the most comfortable for your wedding day. The winter months call for a pair of shoes that will keep your feet warm but not so warm as to become uncomfortable.

No matter which shoes you ultimately choose for your wedding day, the most important thing is that they help you look good and feel good so you can focus on matrimony.

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