Choose the Best Luxury Watches This Summer Season

Summer season calls for summer fashion. Summer is also a time when you want to keep things minimal. You want to feel light and channel your inner diva that personifies everything that is cool.

Whether it is your clothes, footwear or accessories, you need to ensure to pick that which lets you appear fresh. You want to be the picture of confidence and charm. So, how are you supposed to achieve all of this when going minimalistic? While picking summer-y clothes and footwear can be easy, choosing the right accessories, especially an amazing watch can be tricky!

That’s because women are spoilt for choices when it comes to watches. When selecting a summer-appropriate watch, they are bound to come face-to-face with a plethora of options, which can make matters confusing. However, it is important not to get overwhelmed and pick a beautiful luxury watch that is in keeping with not just the summer season, but also your personality.


This does not have to be difficult. Mentioned ahead are a few tips that will help you cruise through the process of picking the perfect summer watch, which will make you look hot and cool at the same time.

Mechanical or Quartz?


While there may be several types of watches that flatter a woman’s wrist, the most common movement types are mechanical and quartz ones.

We would recommend the modern woman to go for a quartz watch as that would be more practical, steadfast, and require less maintenance.

Consider going for a Hublot ladies watch. You can go for the Big Bang watch (Model Number 361.SE.2010.RW) in White. It looks simple, yet ethereal thanks to its timeless design. Its case is round, made of steel, and 38mm in size. Its white dial is encrusted with precious stones and the strap is made of rubber, making it perfect to be worn in the summer.

Not a fan of rubber straps? You can go for Hublot Classic Fusion watch( Model Number 542.NE.2010.LR.1204). It’s got a smart white leather strap, a 42 mm round case made of Titanium, and a white dial encrusted with precious stones.

Either of these watches would make for beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing summer accessories. There are lots more Hublot watches to choose from. All you need to do is look in the right place!

Case Study


One of the biggest considerations that go into picking an elegant watch is its case or shape. After all, the look of the watch depends on its case to a great extent. While round cases seem to be in trend currently, women also like stylish squares, chic rectangles, and modish ovals.

For example, Chopard offers luxe oval-shaped watches that can become your possession of pride and the object of your friends’ envy. Watches such as Chopard Happy Sport Oval Watch and Chopard Heure Du Diamant (Models Number 278546-6003 and 139376-5102 respectively) are great options to choose from. The former has a gorgeous steel-and-gold strap and the latter comes with a smooth satin one.

Material Matters


Luxury watches aren’t for everyone. Only those with a taste for the finer things in life will make it a part of their collection. When doing so, however, ensure that you buy one in the right material.

Watch enthusiasts typically want to have watches of every material and colour in their arsenal. Luxury watches are commonly made of stainless steel, titanium, and leather, with some being plated in colours such as gold, rose-gold, and silver.

Ceramic is also widely used in modern wrist watch designs and they’re highly preferred as they are more practical to wear, don’t scratch easily, and lend a sophisticated look to the wearer.

Several luxury watch brands such as Panerai, Chopard, and particularly Fossil are known for their ceramic timewear that offer watches in gold, rose-gold, and other interesting colours that you’ll love to sport in the summer.

Strappy Times


Luxury watches for women come in a variety of strap options. Whether you opt for metal strap, leather strap or a rubber strap, you can rest assured that they are high in quality and low in maintenance.

Watches with metal straps look magnificent, almost as if you were wearing a striking bracelet. They look classy and formal.

Leather straps will lend you a refined look. They look incredibly stylish and make for a classic luxe accessory. They come in various colours, which often match the colour of the dial. If chosen carefully, thick leather straps can look extremely sexy on women. You can go bold and try donning a men’s watch. For example, the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days watch (Model Number PAM00561) is simple, yet elegant enough to be worn by women. Its black leather straps contrast with its white dial, making it monochromatic and perfect for summers!

Do not forget about rubber straps. Typically preferred by men, an increasing number of women have started to don them as well. That’s because they’re perfect when you want to head outdoors on a hot summer day as they are sturdy, can be easily cleaned, and won’t get damaged if they come in contact with perfume (You know you’re going to need perfume in the summer).


Regardless of which watch you end up picking, it needs to have the “wow” factor to it. Inclusion of precious stones, colored straps, the shape of the case, and sturdiness play a huge role in the watch-selection process for women. Pick the right one and you’ll not only breeze through the summer, but also impress everyone along the way. Wearing a beautiful luxury watch is a great way of adding panache and grace to your overall look.

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