Canadian company maple syrup direct elucidates the international crisis of premium quality maple syrup

Taking a careful insight at the global availability of original quality, we can easily analyse that the main factors responsible for this crux are attributed to only two elements- the area of production of maple syrup and the terse tapping season. This sweet sap of the maple trees is highly in demand across the world because it is salubrious and aids in to upkeep the fitness factor of every individual. Its crisis has made faux products gain prominence in all over the globe. While the commonly available “pancake syrup” are the locums to original maple syrup, there are several other syrups that claim to be maple flavoured. But the feel of maple flavoured syrup and original maple syrup are two entirely diversified experiences.

The total land of North American continent which is occupied under the production of maple trees is a very limited one. They are predominantly produced by the states of Canada, namely New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. The USA produces only a small amount.

mapple syrup 2

The time to tap the maple trees to collect their delectable sap is termed as the maple season. This season is an extremely small one lasting only for a few weeks. It starts as soon as the enlivening spring dawns upon the area. With the advent of the maple season, the centres of the trees are tapped for the pooling of the juice.

Maple syrup direct is an online company situated in Canada. It produces 100 per cent premium quality maple syrup and also manufactures several products that are made from the syrup such as the maple candy, maple butter and lot more. The originality of these products is guaranteed. But the speciality of maple syrup direct is its delivery facility. It delivers original maple syrup and these derivatives to any part of the world without any difficulty of the customer.

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