Buying the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

The biggest day in one’s life is a wedding as two souls unite on this beautiful and amazing day. You want your wedding to look perfect and ever small thing to be flawless and marvelous. The dresses you both wear the venue, the food, and the themes. You want to pay attention to what every guest feels like at your wedding. For a perfect wedding, you can always hire a good wedding planner who can choose the dress, date, shoes, entrances and the decorations.  Oh, wait! We forgot the most important part that is the wedding ring which is a symbol of uniting the two hearts already in love. The wedding ring is the sign that your significant other is taken so it needs to be extremely special. You don’t let anyone choose such an important thing rather you want to make such an important decision all by yourself. However, if you think it is a tough decision to make, then here are few things you need to know about a wedding ring before you buy it:

  1. It is less fancy than the engagement ring.

You proposed her on the top of Eiffel tower or the London Bridge while presenting it her with a beautiful and splendid ring studded with diamonds and other stones. That was the engagement ring and it’s for the most critical moment in your life to check whether or not she says yes. So it needs to be fancy and elegant but when it comes to a wedding ring, then you need to go for something that is fine and not that ostentatious as your first choice. It can be a simple band with a single diamond which would look beautiful on her fingers.

  1. You can also ask her this time.

The engagement ring needs to be a complete surprise as you want to witness that look on her face when you present it to her. You definitely don’t want to spoil that moment so you don’t disclose it to her whereas in the case of a wedding ring your job becomes much easier firstly because you have to stay simple and secondly, you can even ask her this time. She knows the wedding is going to happen and you will give her a wedding ring so there is no problem taking her along when you go out to shop for the ring.

  1. You can pair it with the engagement ring.

Jewelers mostly have different sets of rings paired together as engagement and wedding rings. If you are sure that your girl will say yes and won’t scream at you for proposing her, then the best option is to opt for such a pair. This will help save a lot of your time as well as money as mostly women wear both the rings together on their ring finger. However, in the case when you are not sure about her reply and she says yes then you can always tell the jeweler to pair the engagement ring with a suitable wedding ring.

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