Buying a Traditional Turkish Tea Pot Online: Shopping Tips

Since the online shopping opportunities are now practically unlimited, getting an exotic item such as a traditional Turkish tea pot is not a problem even if you’re thousands of miles away from its manufacturer or its country of origin. For many, such a purchase might seem useless, but if you’re an avid tea fan, you know the real value of this particular kitchenware.

Turks have been developing the tradition of tea brewing for many centuries. The connection between the cultural heritage and their modern lifestyle is very strong while the tea brewing and tea serving traditions have not lost its importance throughout the ages. However, buying an original tea pot from Turkey might be a bit difficult if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

When it comes to getting a caydanlik in UK online, there are millions of Web stores available 24/7 offering a wide selection of original tea pots delivered directly from Turkey. As a rule, most of the companies import the goods from Turkey which might mean long delivery time as well as occasional delivery loss. However, some stores, like the One Stop Turkish Shop, can offer their customers an instant delivery.


Here are some shopping tips if you want to get an authentic Turkish tea pot online:

  • Choose the right capacity.
    The amount of water in a tea pot will normally range from one to two liters. If you’re new to traditional Turkish tea pots and don’t know which to choose, make sure to contact the customer support service for useful advice.
  • Pick up a reliable manufacturer.
    To avoid buying a low-quality fake tea pot, make sure you have some basic knowledge of the most commonly used materials for its manufacturing as well as try to learn a bit about the most renowned manufacturers.
  • Read the customer reviews and comments.
    Although there’s plenty of information about Turkish tea pots on the Web, reading the customer reviews and comments might be quite useful, especially for the beginners. Not only will it help to understand whether the company you’re planning to deal with is reliable, but will also give you a hint on the quality of the produce they deliver.
  • Check the delivery terms.
    Getting a caydanlik in UK does not necessarily imply waiting weeks till it’s delivered from Turkey. Some companies offer the UK-based stock which means receiving your order within a day or two throughout the country.

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