Best Styles for Men’s Business Shirt

Corporate work wear for men is a very big market segment.  Men who work usually prefer to be comfortable and decent-looking at the same time.  There are very few men who prioritize the design of men’s business shirts. However, they are still conscious of the image that they project when they go to work.  They want to be able to show professionalism and dependability to their co-workers and customers.

Nowadays, men’s business shirts vary in style, color and fabric.  Although the main design has not changed over the years, new technology has spawned more comfortable and breathable fabrics.


Segments of Men’s Business Shirt

When it comes to men’s business shirt, there are two types of segments to choose from.  The first is the Corporate Work Wear segment, and the second one is the Uniform segment.

  1. Corporate Work Wear

Corporate work wear usually means what men usually wear in the office on a typical work day.  It also includes casual work wear. Corporate work wear usually refer tobutton-down shirts along with jackets or blazers.  Casual work wear usually refers to men’s business shirts usually worn in the logistics, food, and tourism industry.  This is usually a T-shirt or polo shirt with the company logo.

  1. Uniform

This type of work wear is issued to associates and staff that require uniforms for branding, identification, or for practical purposes.  This includes blue collar workers, postal workers, law enforcement employees, or military service personnel.

Types of Men’s Business Shirts

There are two main types of men’s business shirts– the button-front shirt and the polo shirt. However, they still vary in style, color, and fabric.  There are quite a lot of designs and brands to choose from.  The kind of shirt also depends on the industry or type of job that a person has.

  1. Button-front shirt

A button-down shirt is a catch-all term for all shirts with collars, sleeves with cuffs, and a full vertical opening with buttons.  Some button-down shirts have short sleeves and therefore do not have cuffs.  Button-down shirts are usually worn with neckties, vests or jackets. Fabrics for button-down shirts vary from natural fiber such as cotton or linen to synthetic fibers such as a blend of polyester and cotton.

  1. Polo shirts

Polo shirts were originally worn for sporting events, specifically the sports of polo and tennis.  However, it has evolved into a casual and flexible work wear for men.  This type of men’s business shirt is comfortable and easy to move in.  Polo shirts have short, cuffed sleeves with a soft collar which could be worn turned up to protect the back of the neck from the sun. Polo shirts come in different colors and patterns.  The fabric is most commonly made from jersey knit cotton. Companies who use polo shirts as uniforms usually embroider the logo or brand name on the shirts for easy identification.

Working men usually choose comfort over style, but nowadays, these two things can go hand in hand.  Colors, designs and even fabrics of men’s work wear are all so varied that there are many choices to be had.  Whether it is a button-down shirt or a more casual polo shirt, these professional articles of clothing are necessary and useful garments for working men. If you want to buy Men’s Business Shirt, please visit:

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