Best hair trends of spring 2016

New, 2016 year have already brought us a lot of interesting hair trends and fashion novelties. Never before hairstyling market was full of unique ideas and cuts. After visiting almost all hair salons nyc we gathered three most beautiful and unusual hairstyles for every hair texture and length. It is time to change your bobs, lobs and pixies for something way more interesting!

hair best

#1 Knot

Do you feel sick of braids, you can see on every women’s head? Or you just cannot deal with these difficult braiding schemes? It is time to say bye-bye to them! Braids and tight ponytails are no longer in trend.  Almost all hair salons nyc adviced something much easier but not less beautiful. Knots! It will take you maximum 5 minutes to create them. You can style them as you like: make high and low, messy or sleek, even the number of knots can be different. Sounds nice, yeah? It is just a beginning!

hair best 1

#2 Magpie hair

You have always dreamed about having some sparkling headbands and flowers at the same time, but thought it would be too much? Now it is time to show your personality to the world! There is no more such term as “too much”. You can do whatever you want and still look fashionable. Golden crowns, flowers and all you can just imagine are available now.

hair best 2

#3 Great curls

Curls never fall out of the category of “fashionable hairstyles” the only thing that varies is their size and amount.  In 2016 big, voluminous, and a little bit messy curls are in trend. All kinds of salt sprays and texturizing mousses will become your best friends for this season. Maybe it is time to find some poodle?

hair best 3

Now you know three most desirable haircuts of spring 2016. Don’t waste your time! Take your stuff and run at your favorite hair salon to have more fun and change your style! Classy and discreet bobs and lobs don’t rule the party anymore! It is time to rock your hair and feel like a star.

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