Be Celine b.: the fashion designer who should be on your radar


Every year a new slew of designers emerges to challenge the old guard for a firm spot in the fashion pantheon. It seems like an easy enough task: Have great style, translate that style into clothes, and then become a famed international fashion designer. But is it really so easy? Not really, you need also to have a vision and Celine Bolton has it.


She started to offer a made to order service for dresses in Shanghai in 2012 and now she just released her first collection “The Black Collection” including evening dresses. After the release she came back to work and started the “White collection” with her own label, Be Celine b.This new designer from French is demonstrating that you don’t need a degree in fashion to hold your own in the industry. “I was alone when I was a child – said the fashion designer –because my parents where at work and my siblings were elder than me, so I started to play my own games, creating dresses for my Barbie with the glue”.  With just the right amount of sex appeal and embellishments, her dresses are sure to make an impression, they are elegant and durable, suggesting a strong but sexy female image. The brand specializes in wide range of eveningwear, from formal gowns to evening dresses for all the women.

Her creations feature a range of styles made with high quality stretch fabric. She is interested in alternatives that meet every luxury consumer’s needs. “My primary goal – Celine affirmed – is to make women feel and look beautiful, confident, and empowered. The day of their event, I wait anxiously for their feedback and pictures”. Each of the designs express different moods, from fun, outgoing mini dress to old Hollywood red carpet dress. She is inspired by stylist like Dior, De la Renta, and PrabalGurung.


Keep an eye on Celine during the next few months as she ambitiously pushes for her work to morph into a ‘global luxury brand.’

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