Axiology Cruelty Free and Vegan Lipstick Review

There are a lot of lipstick brands out there, and it has become a routine for some of us to buy the same brand you’ve been used to. Although there are a few all-natural products in the market, it’s a must to try out Axiology Lipsticks not just because they are a Vegan product but also because they are an awesome brand. It’s always good to see brands sticking up for they truly believe in. You can check out their lipsticks by visiting Axiology’s website at

What’s good about Axiology is that all items are Vegan and cruelty-free. All-natural might have given you the impression that it is simply a fad, well, it isn’t. It’s definitely more than that. If you love wearing lipstick for long hour every day, then you have to choose the product which won’t damage or harm your skin. Our lips are sensitive and they need as much care as we do to most of our body.

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Axiology cruelty free lipsticks are natural, ethical, and organic. It is also good to know that the packaging was well-thought of. Using recycled paper to form boxes made by women is indeed empowering. It makes one feel appreciative of the product, not only by how it makes you look good, but instead what it is made of.

The brand also supports charities and organizations which is a good deal for us lipstick lovers. Every time we add new Axiology shades to our collection, we are helping our environment and that in need.

Now talk about needs, one of the major concerns of lipstick users is the dryness of their lips or that the pigment easily wears out. This is good news to those looking for rich, luscious, nudes, velvety, but highly pigmented lipsticks. Axiology’s swatch collection is very wide. You get your pinks, red, browns, purples, and combinations. Even if these shades are unusual, they are highly-wearable. Most pigments are frosted, they do have a few matte tints you can choose from.

It could be difficult to wear a shade new to us, especially those loud, dark ones. All of the shades are very rich and creamy on the feel, so you can either use these as gloss by 1 glide, or get deeper shades as you add more!

If you have seen their shade named ‘Intristic’, you could think of an instant golden shimmer. Intristic is very handy and can be paired with intense shades. It can add that extra shimmer or you could also wear it as it is and achieve a nude tint.

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Desire, Reflection, and Phenomenon

These pigments can be on the ‘unusual’ side. Considered common colors are pinks and reds.

Desire – is a very purple, but not dark shade, more like a cool, flowery kind of purple.

Reflection – is kind of Magenta with a hint of purple.

Phenomenon – Deep metallic blue, or let’s simply say it is a combination of black and blue. It is mostly sheer and translucent.

Theory, Dimension, Bad, and Philosophy

Theory – brown with a very light hint of pink (almost unnoticeable) and has a matte finish

Dimension – dark brown and sheer finish; best with medium to dark skin tones

Bad – dark brown with a hint of copper tone; best for evening events

Philosophy – light nude pink with a hint of salmon; best worn during daytime

The Goodness, Noble, Identity

The Goodness – silvery, blush pink; kind of cool mauve shade; can be used on top of another color as a highlight

Noble – rich, peachy-pink, medium coral, and classic shade.

Identity – shimmery pink with a hint of slight lavander

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Attitude, Fundamental, Worth, and Elusive

Attitude – hot pink pop tone; think neon background and loud, wearable kind of pink

Fundamental – ruby red with a hint of orange; classy rose-gold; ideal for both day and night time wear

Worth – lesser brown, more orange Summer kind of look; tangerine tint with creamy matte finish

Elusive – brown and orange with a kick of wine; perfect for casual wear to evening gowns

Infinite, Virtue, and Devotion

Infinite – rich, dark purple with a layer of black; lipstick for all skin tones

Virtue – golden orange with a hint of red; can serve as nude for darker skin colors

Devotion – combination of pink and brown; light blush peachy nude

If you have been staying away from wearing lipsticks because most products just highlight our chapped, dry lips – you don’t have to be hesitant. Guaranteed that Axiology lipsticks easily glides and gives awesome shades. These products were produced “cruelty-free” and for sure will be “cruelty-free” on your lips too.

This gorgeous lipstick line offers highly wearable tints. Axiology has made its name in the Green beauty industry, and gives us all the chance to try out their rich, creamy, luscious collection.

If you plan on purchasing your first Axiology lipstick, expect a classic tube gold case. Push the bottom, and your lipstick’s available for use!

Axiology natural lipstick sure keeps their word of keeping it organic and Vegan. You might be wondering now on what are the actual ingredients a Vegan cosmetic product would have? Axiology lipsticks’ ingredients are: avocado, castor seeds, orange, elderberry, candelilla, coconut, grape, vitamin E oil, and mineral powder. Imagine how your lips are being pampered each time you use this product? These shades are a bunch of everything we’ve been hoping for. Unusual, regular, and mixed colors are now available up for grabs. With those ingredients it might even be safe to eat their lipsticks, not that we are suggesting you to do so since they have “mineral powder”. Even the mineral powder used is in the safest form and they only use minerals that are approved for use in cosmetic products.

You can even experiment with mixing up shades to produce a new shade. Choose from matte, sheer, long-lasting, and highly-pigmented shades.

It’s always great to know that when you are putting on your favorite shade of Axiology lipstick that not only are you pampering your lips, but you have also supported a brand and a cruelty free lifestyle.

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