Alegria shoes equal fun and comfort combined

If you struggle to find stylish shoes that are comfortable too, the Canadian shoe brand Alegria could prove to be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Designed with a real sense of fun, Alegria shoes and boots are available in a gorgeous range of vibrant colours and quirky designs.


Style and comfort

Sadly the vast majority of shoes which are specially designed to be comfortable tend to look very dowdy, without any appreciation of style or fashion. However Alegria’s range of shoes and boots really does buck the trend.

Alegria take great pride in putting the fun back into footwear and their range of shoes, boots and sandals is one of the most unusual and eye-catching I’ve found. Very few styles in Alegria’s range are made from plain, unprinted leather – in fact the reverse is true and their current collection includes everything from floral printed leathers through to animal prints, snake skin effect leather and shoes with glitter-effect finishes.  Perfect for anyone who likes to wear shoes that reflect their personality and unique sense of style.

Alegia never compromise on style over comfort though and their shoes, boots and sandals all incorporate a unique range of design features, developed to ensure softness and ‘wearability’. Alegria’s rocker outsoles are engineered to roll naturally and to encourage the wearer to walk with the correct posture and because all the shoes in their range come with a removable insole, they can be worn by anyone who has to use orthotics.

Alegria’s insoles are covered in leather to allow feet to breathe naturally, leaving them feeling dry and fresh in even in the hottest of weather and because they include a memory foam layer, the insole will mould itself to the natural contours of your foot.  Alegria shoes also feature a hand-sewn leather lining, a roomy toe box and high-quality arch support. In fact Alegria shoes are so comfortable, they have become the fashion shoe of choice for nurses and anyone who has to stand for long periods.

 All-in-all Alegria shoes really do ensure comfort – guaranteed!


How to buy Alegria shoes

Alegria shoes can’t be found in the shops and if you’d like to try a pair for yourself, I’d recommend buying them from Cheerful Soles. Cheerful Soles is an online shoe shop which specialises in stylish comfortable shoes and they are the only supplier of Alegria shoes in the UK. Cheerful Soles offer a fantastic selection of Alegria shoes, boots and sandals, all available in a wide range of styles. Cheerful Soles take great pride in their reputation for offering excellent customer service and because they offer free UK delivery and reasonable worldwide delivery rates, ordering from them is easy.

The perfect solution for the fashion-conscious individual who wants to buy stylish, comfortable shoes, Alegria’s footwear is designed with good looks and comfort in mind. So if you like to stand out from the crowd, why not try them for yourself?

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