4 Solid Rules when Wearing White Shoes

Men’s shoes often come in the shades of black, brown, and grey. Sometimes there are more vivid hues of blue and red. But if there’s one type of men’s shoe colour that stands out anywhere, then that would be white.

White is a colour that is very difficult to manage. Despite being so plain and basic, it can look so bright and make one’s overall outfit too much to handle. A lot of guys usually avoid white shoes because they find it hard to fit in their clothes, and they would rather wear shoes that blend in with the rest of their chosen garments.For a man to pull off a look that comes with white shoes is a total challenge, but when he achieves this it means the can be dapper with any type of outfit he wears.

If you are looking forward to wear white shoes and look good on them, then here are 4 solid rules to remember:


  1. Match white shoes with a white shirt.

The brightness of white can be very disturbing especially when it is focused on only one area, such as the feet. However, you can add some subtlety to the look by pairing the shoes with a white shirt. This trick helps distribute the whitespace in your overall attire, regardless if you are wearing formal or casual clothing.

White men’s shoes and a white shirt work well with almost any type of jeans or trousers, regardless of the colour. You can look preppy in khaki shorts, hip in denim, or dapper in slacks.

  1. White shoes in men’s formalwear can be tricky.

If you are planning to wear white shoes to a formal event, then it is important that they match your suit as well. It is a definite no-no to pair white shoes with a brown or black tux, as this will destroy an otherwise dapper look. White leather shoes work well with an all-white tux, or light-coloured suits such as powder blue or light green.

If you wish to wear white shoes but have no light-coloured suits, then you may just work with a white long-sleeved shirt but no coat. This will make you look a little bit on the casual side of formalwear, but still dapper.

  1. White sneakers and faded jeans work together!

Another way of pulling off a look using white men’s shoes is by wearing faded denims. White sneakers and denims give a cool, casual look, which is ideal for students and young adults. This look also gives you more variety on which top to wear, as you are no longer tied to the white shirt requirement.

This is because the faded jeans offer a transition from white to a light coloured shade to a darker or bolder hue. Hence, regardless of what shirt you wear, you will still look great.

  1. Embracing the monochrome minimalist fashion.

They often say that less is more, and some men are trying to embrace this mantra by settling for minimalist colours. If you are one of them, then for sure you are donning monochrome minimalist outfits from time to time-and this is where white shoes fit in.

When working on a monochrome minimalist style, you can go with white shoes and a white shirt, and match these with a pair of black jeans and a black jacket. You may opt to wear garments of varying textures, so long as the colour choices are just between black and white.

  1. The casual preppy.

Lastly, if you want to look regal in white shoes, then go for a casual preppy style. This is a fairly simple yet elegant casual style for men, which includes a pair of khaki shorts, a light-coloured collared shirt, and white boat shoes. This style can be worn not only during casual occasions, but also during semi-formal events, as the overall style gives you a balance between being prim and proper and totally laidback.

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