3 Reasons We Are Obsessed with Makeup Organizers


Number one on our beauty wishlist is the Kardashian style makeup storage boxes. Since Kim & co featured these on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we have wanted one in our lives. Not just for vanity reasons: though they would look fantastic upon the vanity shelf. There are a number of practical reasons that a luxury makeup organizer will change our cosmetic life for the better.

  1. Keeping Our Quality Makeup In Perfect Condition

An expensive broken blusher can feel like there has been a death in the family. Well our makeup collection family… Not to mention the absolute mess it can create in your room. If your makeup is usually high end from great brands then it is important to keep and store your make up properly. Why not look after your investment? Otherwise it can go bad, crack, retain moisture, or dry up. A good quality makeup organizer will keep the look and feel that your products are supposed to give you. If your makeup is not properly stored, the ingredients in the makeup may not perform at its best.

(Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

(Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

  1. Get Your Make Up or Pampering Routine Done In Record Time

It is good to keep all your eye make up, foundations, powders, and lip make up separated. This makes different components are accessible and ready to use. This helps you from mixing up the makeup for the eyes with the blush and other components. If you follow a make up routine, it also helps you to be reminded of what comes first, and last. For example, if you are washing with a cleanser, it is always good to put a toner in afterwards. By placing your facial creams, toners, cleansers, then foundations, and powders in sequential order, it can help you to remember with ease the process for your morning routine to create excellent beauty results. After organizing your skin care line and your foundation and powders, it is useful to properly place your eye care and make up in sequential order to help you with this morning routine as well. When you have the liner and mascara as well as eye make up brushes and powders in one compartment, you can easily make choices for the look that you want to have for each particular date or event.

  1. Less stress! The makeup organizer looks gorgeous and makes getting ready stress and hassle free. When you have your high quality make up perfectly organized, you can look more like a Princess every day, and feel like one too.

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