10 Things for which moms should be thanked

A mom is the one who has kept us in their womb for 10 months and 10 days safely so that we see the light of the world. From the very first day that she conceived us, she has been in love with us without even seeing us physically. So the moment when the doctor hands over the baby to the mother, it’s no less than a victory for her.As gifts for mother on the eve of her birthday or mother’s day choose the best kind of objects like chocolates, coffee mugs, flowers, kitchen appliances for her.

mother gift

Here lies a list of those things for which our moms should be thanked but we forget to do that generally.

  1. For all the times she had to be your best friend/counselor/therapist/costume designer/hair stylist/coach/all-around-solver-of-every-problem-ever. Aren’t moms actually superheroes in disguise?
  1. She always forgives us when we forget to give her a call. We always have an excuse that we are busy.
  1. She attentively listens to our pointless and over-dramatic drama. However upset we are, she is the one who carries the best resolution to all our dramas.
  1. A mom’s prowess of protecting her child is something no one ever can match – not even a dad.
  1. For all the times when we were screaming to know where the white shirt is or at what time uncle would be home, we never ever go to our dad. Because it is the mom who knows perhaps everything.
  1. For all the things that she reluctantly bought us at the local shop or all those clothes that we demanded. Now when we are grown up and started earning money, we understand the value of a rupee or the labor it takes to earn a thousand bucks. Now we are more considerate towards her sacrifices towards us.
  1. For the biggest fan of us, for being our cheerleaders who never let us bog down. She always had hope and confidence that we would be something someday, even when everyone else gave all hope on us.
  1. For being the ultimate boss of the home or the reigning home minister of all time who actually manages everything. From reminding your medicine to making a cup of coffee getting up from her sleep at midnight just to keep you awake during exams.
  1. She always did her best, even when things were most difficult in the family. Moms have this incredible magic sparkle glue that keeps it all together when it would otherwise fall apart.
  1. Dealing with dad when he is angry at kids for poor results in exams or for misbehaving with a relative.

So, for all these things and many more, spend a lovely quality time with her, thanking her for her contribution towards you. And that my friend would be the best gift for mom.

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